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Apart from my family and my work, one of my biggest passions is photography, specially travel photography although I've been experimenting lately in many other areas. It all started around 2003 after I bought my first digital camera (the 2 MP Canon A200) and started taking pictures of whatever I wanted (as opposed to the typical safe-side snapshots required in film cameras). After receiving great feedback from some of those shots I've been upgrading my gear and slowly started researching and learning how to improve my photos... and I still have a long way to go...

I mostly shoot with Canon (point and shoot and DSLR) and although I have a natural tendency to focus on travel photography, since I love to visit new places and hike and camp with my wife, I have also been experimenting in other areas. I am slowly adding some of the photos I like the most in my Google+ stream (here). You can also find a selection of my photos in my Picasa Public Albums (digital photos here and film photos here) and at 500px (here). If you have accounts in any of these services feel free to leave comments, since feedback is extremely appreciated.

I also keep a small photography blog called "Out of Photons" here, where I add some of the tips & tricks I find around the web and also some things I've learnt while taking photos. I also post some additional information about the places I visit and where I took the pictures. Feel free to roam around and comment wherever you like.

I'm missing a piece...

Also, if you are interested in some amazing photographers, you can have a list of my favourite ones here: Photographers.